DuPage Veterans Foundation

Established in 2011 as a 501c3 not for profit organization, with all of the thanks and gratitude owed to our men and woman of the United States Military.

Our organization began when a small but dedicated group of individuals set out to hold a charitable event to fund a flight for our WWII veterans through a wonderful non-profit organization, Honor Flight Chicago. An evolution took place as interest from the DuPage community heightened and more and more individuals came forward who shared the common sentiment that our military deserve our appreciation and our support. With such enthusiasm, and significant need, the DuPage Veterans Foundation was developed to broaden the scope of assistance to all of our veterans.

This 501c3 non-profit organization seeks to recognize special needs of our DuPage veterans and provide fundraising efforts to acknowledge our appreciation for all they have sacrificed for our freedom and safety.

Our organization’s premier initiative in 2012, the first annual fundraiser for Honor Flight Chicago, was a huge success.  We reached our objective of raising enough money to fund a flight through Honor Flight Chicago which is also a 501c3 non-profit organization developed to give our WWII veterans a day of honor by flying them free of charge to Washington, D.C.  for a day of viewing and reflection at the war memorials.   (Veterans should register for a flight directly through Honor Flight Chicago.  Flights are provided through Southwest Airlines and leave from Midway Airport.  There is often a waiting list, so please do not delay in submitting your application for this wonderful opportunity.)

Our annual event would not be a success without the support and resources of the DuPage Airport Authority, Calamos Investments, and the City of West Chicago.  We thank you for your commitment to honoring our veterans.

In loving memory of Mayor Michael Kwasman, the late Mayor of West Chicago, who worked so hard to make this organization a success for no other reason than to give our War heroes the honor they deserve.  


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